HALO Colorlab Custom Nail Polish


personalized nail colors.
15+ million of them.

snap a pic. pinpoint your color.
name your polish. order away.

only $12.95. shipped in a week.
free shipping for orders over $30.00

Create the exact color you want.

Choose from any color in your world.

Millions of custom colors literally at your finger tips.

Design colors that make you fabulous.

Personalize colors that reflect your style.

Customize colors that express who you are.

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what people are saying about us

The perfect color every time. Great polish and amazing customer service!

SK Miller,

I’m addicted to HALOcolor! Super easy and super fun!

Jade Marblestone,

My bridesmaids nails matched their dresses perfectly! Thank you, HALOcolor!

Mary Kate,

nail polish base coat

Pop your color.

HALO_base was developed specifically to complement our nail polish system. It’s a semi-translucent, shimmery first step that creates great adhesion and enhances wear, so you get beautiful nails that go on and on and on.

custom color nail polish

Choose the color you want.

Halo_color is the color you have designed and is available in millions of color options.  A uniquely formulated personalize polish with rich, dense true color that glides on smoothly and dries fast and hard. Snap a pic, tap a color, name your polish! It’s that simple.

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nail polish top coat

Protect your polish.

HALO_protect is a glossy top coat can really take it! Created to enhance your polish color and formulated to give you the longest wear possible. One coat = seven days of chip resist wear. Two coats = even longer wear and deeper colors. Protect your custom color and get the unique look you want.

love nail polish
recycle nail polish
cruelty free nail polish

We believe in you. You deserve the right to express your own style, so get creative! create the color that matches your mood, your life, your wardrobe.

HALO Colorlab custom nail polish is a better-for-you, high performance, long-wear, 8-Free nail polish system.  All known carcinogens and human hormone disruptors have been removed. Our products have been analyzed and comply with Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute Material health Silver Standards.  No animal testing ever.

And all of our packaging can be recycled.

We want you to be happy with your custom nail polish.  We stand behind our products always. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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